MONDOFACTS (Episode 1: Mouth Holes) is a short film which premiered online as part of the LIPP.TV live stream video art and performance festival.

As the amount of Youtube content aimed at children grows, a disturbing phenomenon emerges. Educational, kid-friendly videos published by anonymous channels gain thousands of views but feature violence, sexually explicit material, or otherwise disturbing content. The motivations of these channels are unclear. The simplest explanation is that what adults find disturbing, children find engaging, incentivizing these channels economically to produce continually more disturbing content. I certainly hope that something so benign as perverted economic incentive is the case. MONDOFACTS speculates what the same juxtaposition of suggestivity, violence, and educational premise looks like with a more totalitarian set of motivations.

Voice/Mouth: Emily Zhao

Created by Sylvan Zheng

Special Thanks to Matt Romein


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