Video System (2/x)

This is the second post in a weekly series documenting my attempt at creating a performance system for an audiovisual piece that focuses on a few themes: digital alienation, sum of small parts, and audio-controlled visuals.

This week I spent a lot of time experimenting with the different jitter objects we went over in class last week, focusing mainly on recursive chromakeying and jit.op. I also realized that jit.matrix DOES NOT actually downsample you even if you specify dimensions.. you still need to specify adapt=0 (or just downsample the original audio file). My FPS jumped up once I did this.

My main goal was to settle on some material I feel comfortable using in next week’s short performance that fits well with the audio and conceptual framework I have in mind (described here)

p1 from Sylvan on Vimeo.

con2bright-25tol01lum0sldown25 from Sylvan on Vimeo.

There’s gonna be a lot of work to do for next week. I still need to build the audio controller system as well as decide on footage and effect manipulation for the second half of the piece!


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